Pat Cleveland

Southwest Florida Artist


"Zorrada Castle"

"Zorrado Castle"

This building is in St. Augustine, Fl. and I thought it quite interesting. The women in the picture were not... Read more



After a trip to Virginia where we went to some caves I wanted to paint an image of one as they are most... Read more

"Enchanted Forest"

"Enchanted Forest"

This tree was actually a large sea grape and I made the colors a fantasy effect. Read more



This painting was created in 1984 when I played with letting my paint be very diluted to let it "run" down... Read more

"Along Trail Ridge Road"

TrailRidge Rd.

We visited friends who lived in Greeley, Colorado and they took us to Rocky Mountain State Park. This was a... Read more

SOLD"Double Hibiscus"

"Double Hibiscus"

We had this bush in our yard and the blooms were so lovely. Florida has a perfect climate for growing... Read more

"Ann Bischoff,s Rose"

"Ann's Rose"

An artist friend had this multicolored rose bloom in her yard and I was captivated by it's beautiful colors. Read more

Partially Parrot Fish

parts of fish

I have taken sections of a parrot fish and combined them to form an abstract painting.. It is "11x14" Read more

Parrot Fish, tail section Sold

Tail section of parrot fish

This is the 3rd piece of the parrot fish painting. Read more

Parrot Fish middle section Sold

Parrot Fish middle section

This is the middle section of the parrot fish, 3 piece painting. Read more

Parrot Fish Sold

This is a 3 piece painting. Here is the head of the fish. Each painting is 11X14" These beautiful fish have... Read more


A somehat mysterious place

Among the rocks is a sort of cavern which evokes a sense of mystery. Read more