Pat Cleveland

Southwest Florida Artist


Red Running


An abstract in colors I like ,forms develop as I work adding the red as an accent color. Oil on canvas 22" x... Read more



This oil on canvas pain tins began as an abstract and as it developed it appears to be possible aliens or... Read more

All the World's a stage

worlds stage

This oil painting represents the role of humankind with a quote from Shakespeare, "All the world's a stage... Read more

Rollin on the River

Rolling on river

After putting some colors on the palette I began with circles and thought of the song, "Rollin on the River"... Read more

"Island Beauty


oil on canvas 20" x 24" A friend visited St. Thomas and photographed some of the beautiful tropical flowers... Read more

Fly Me To The Moon

Moon Flight

oil on canvas this painting was intended to be an abstract but as it developed the forms began to mapper at... Read more

Blue Moon

Blue Moon

Oil on canvas 20" x 24" this ia an abstract of colors I liked and added a blue moon for a focal point. Read more

Life's Twists and Turns

twists and turns of life

I had no idea of where this painting was going but as I added more motion I decided on the title/ Read more

"House of the Rising Sun"

House of the Rising Sun

What started as an abstract that I had no idea of what it would be as it developed I thought of the song with... Read more



After painting colors I liked in a freeform I envisioned a face in the center . oil on canvas 22"x28" Read more

Angels Among Us


When I started this painting I chose 2 colors that appealed to me at the time and just applied the paint in... Read more

Joy of Color

joy of color

I have always been fascinated by colors, love to "Play" with them and I had fun letting these colors flow on... Read more