Pat Cleveland

Southwest Florida Artist


Lift Off

New work 7/2017

22" x 28" Lift Off is an oil on canvas painting. When I began this piece it was a complete abstract That i... Read more

Earth Elements


22" x 28" oil on canvas. This painting is an abstract with vivid colors that remind one of earth, air, fire,... Read more

Sacred Cow

Purple cow

An oil on canvas 18" x 24" this depicts a cow which is a sacred animal in India and I show it in a spiritual... Read more


Dance miove

An oil on canvas this painting is 22" x 28". A dancer seems to move through the petals of a rose with the... Read more


Blue abstract

An oil on canvas 18" x 24". Breakthrough is an abstract of mostly blue with a yellow breaking through the... Read more



An oil on canvas this painting is 22" x 28". It is a lively elephant having fun splashing water from his... Read more

Flights of Fancy


Forever blowing bubbles, there fantasy figures are taking flight. Read more

Northern Lights

two polar bears

An oil painting on canvas 22" x 28" of rwo polar bears with the northern lights in the background and colors... Read more

Uprising 2016

absract series

This is an absract painting, oil on canvas 20" x 24" The viewer should interpret the image as whatever they... Read more

To The Moon and New York City

abstract series

This is an abstrct oil painting on canvas 11" x 14" I had no idea what it would be when I began to paint but... Read more

Aurora Borealis

Polar Bear in northern lights

This is an oil painting on canvas 24" x 30" depicting a polar bear resting on a block of ice with the aurora... Read more

Sharing Love

two Giraffes in a tender moment

Oil on canvas 24" x 30" A pose I liked depicting a tender moment between two giraffes painted in blues, ochre... Read more