Pat Cleveland

Southwest Florida Artist


Multi-fish SOLD

These fish are found in northern waters

Mostly northern fish these are good to eat. I like the various colors and patterns. Read more

Autumn On My Mind

I remember living in New Jersey and the beutiful colors of Autumn

Living in New Jersey, the colors of Fall were always so beautiful, I decided to remember them in this... Read more

Over the Edge

This is a painting that just "happened"

This image hust "happened" as I used colors I liked and the red dripped over the edge. Read more

What Pink Elephant?

There is a pink elephant hidingh

This 24" x 36" oil painting asks the question, "Do you See A Pink Elephant?" If you do you might have had too... Read more

Section 3 of the triptych

This is the tail of the fish that should be hung under sections 1 and 2

This is the tail of the fish that is the 3rd piece of the triptych to be hung under sections 1 and 2 Each... Read more

Section 2 of the triptych painting

This shows the middle section of the 3 piece painting

This is a section of the 3 piece painting that is of a reef fish native to the tropical waters. Read more

Section 1 of 3 piece

This canvas shows the first section of the triptych painting . Read more

Underwater Series

This is my newest painting in the underwater seies

This painting is three pieces. On canvas each one " 12 x 24" to compose a reef fish in rich colors native to... Read more


Zebra and crotons

No two zebras have the same pattern. I had an idea that I wanted a striped background to go with the zebra... Read more


Part of the endangered animal series

The tigers have been hunted and captured by poachers so that they have lost most of their natural habitat. Read more

Passion Flower

This tropical flower comes in various colors

The passion flower is rather small but has an intricate pattern. Read more

pasque Flower

A most unusual bloom

This is a painting of the detail of the flower. It has shades of purple,magenta,and yellows. Read more