Pat Cleveland

Southwest Florida Artist


Tropical Rain

palm tree

Living in Florida I am used to torrential tropical rain and painted this in tropical colore. Oil on canvas 20... Read more

Red Eyes


Red Eyed Frogs always interested me and when i decided to paint one I thought I woulddd like to add other... Read more

Night of the Red Moon

Red Moon

This is an impressionistic painting of my imagination using colors that are bright red, blue, green, and... Read more

Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid

I often passed a diels of goats and wanted to paint one. I think they are comical looking with those eyes... Read more

Red Sails in the Sunset

red sails in the Sunset

TYhere is a song by that title which came to mind and this is what I envisioned as I thought of it. oil on... Read more

Flower Angel

Flower Angel

I especially liked these colors and began the painting not knowing what the subject would be. I began to make... Read more



Thinking of a hot day or being in a difficult situation and the cool, calm, peaceful center/ Oil on canvas 22... Read more

Murphy Macaw


Murphy Macaw is what I named this parrot. He is so colorful as all parrots are. It is an oil on canvas 20" x... Read more

"Light Amidst the Chaos"

Light Amidst Chaos

This oil on canvas is 20" x 24". It is what I think that no matter what challenges we have or chaos in the... Read more

"Summer Splender"


A 20" x 24" oil on canvas painting in colors I find are joyful and I painted them in ab impressionistic style... Read more

Donkey on the Rocks

Donkey on the rocks

oil ob canvas 20" x 24" a donkey peering over a rock wall or A new drink" Read more

What's Up?

Lion cub

Oil on canvas 20" x 24" is a lion cub questioning what is going on and watching the action Read more